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Water Damage Repair

Standing water can have a severe impact on your home’s structure and foundation. Always attend to flooding immediately to avoid any lasting damage to your property. When you need complete water removal and full service structural drying, you can rely on us. We will remove any water that is present on your property while using advanced methods and techniques to fully dry the area.

Mold Removal Services

Using the latest and most effective mold removal services, Arizona Mold is able to clear all mold spores from your property. We use techniques that are effective at removing the mold spores for good so that you and your family are always fully protected.

Fire Damage

After a fire, your home can retain a smoky odor that seeps into the furniture. We have experience removing the smell of smoke from fire damaged properties as well as restoring any damaged structures. Once we have finished, your property will look its best once again.

IICRC Certified

IICRC Certified

Mold Removal

If you have mold, do not hesitate to contact Arizona Mold to begin the removal process. We will totally disinfect your structure and not leave until the mold is dead and gone.

Water Remediation

Arizona Mold are the ones to call when you have standing water that needs to go. We will remove the water and begin the process of total structural drying for you as well!

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