What exactly is Water Damage Remediation?

Water Damage Remediation Tucson, AZ

Always work with a IICRC certified company for water damage remediation services

There are different aspects of water damage remediation but overall the process is about the same. When it comes to the Earth, water damage remediation is the process of disposing of all the contaminants that water has in it and ensuring that it is taken care of in an environmentally safe manner. Water damage remediation is also the process that is used to ‘filter’ water so it is safe for humans to drink.

Understanding Water Damage Remediation

When it comes to residential and commercial properties, the water damage remediation process is the removal of freestanding water that is in areas where it does not belong normally. Left over water not only causes water damage; bacteria and mold can start to grow which is detrimental for both buildings and humans alike.

Call Immediately for Help

If one’s home or office area is suffering from water damage, remediation is a crucial step and proper techniques, as well as, equipment is essential to remove the water as quickly as possible. Professionals who specialize in water damage remediation will closely monitor the entire process from beginning to end, taking notes and documenting every step to ensure that the property is dried completely and thoroughly before they state that, the remediation process is complete. This is a process that should only be completed by professionals and not by oneself because there can be water seepage in places unknown.

Water damages Tucson, AZ ceiling

Water damages Tucson, AZ ceiling

Water Damage Remediation Process

The water damage remediation process can be broken down into about six crucial steps which are:

  • Contacting someone as soon as water damage occurs
  • Damage assessment and water inspection
  • Water extraction/removal
  • Dehumidification and drying
  • Cleaning and Sanitization
  • Proper restoration

What Water Damage Can Cause

Some people may not understand the damaging effects that water can have in a residential or commercial setting. Below one will find the information and possibly be more inclined to act quickly if they ever find themselves in that kind of situation.
Electrical shock may occur from water damaging outlets/power lines.
Various types of mold will flourish in standing water and dark places.
Diseases can become threatening like Salmonella and E. Coli.
Standing water is a mosquito breeding ground – they also carry various harmful diseases that can affect humans and animals alike.
Water damage is very detrimental and expensive to repair, sometimes more expensive than replacing the items completely
if not taken care of properly and quickly, structural damage can and eventually will occur.

Contact Us Today

The amazing thing about most water damage remediation and mold removal companies is that they are available to call around the clock, so no matter what time the damage occurs – call so they can come and help out. Calling immediately will minimize the overall damage that the water can cause, which is quite a bit. When water damage is involved, time is of the essence.

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